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Mom and Newborn

Are You My Daughter?

My daughter entered my life late one spring while I was making other plans. Even as I declared that two sons were enough, I was already pregnant with her. Only I didn’t know it. But that didn’t stop her. Her little heart was already beating. About the time my second period went missing, she had started developing her arms, legs, and lungs. (Take a peek at the video at the end of this … [Read More...]

Mother and Son Laughing Outdoors Among Sunflowers

Three Great Reasons to Play Outdoors

It's spring! Snow is melting. Sunshine is lasting longer. Now’s your chance: take your child outdoors! It’s good for him--and for you--in amazing ways. Look at these three big benefits. Build a healthier body. Outdoors, a child can: build stronger bones and immunity. Sunshine actually helps your child produce more Vitamin D, which helps him both absorb calcium for his bones and strengthen … [Read More...]

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