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Co-parenting at the Holidays: It’s About Your Kids

Holidays—with all their excitement, family get-togethers, and busyness—can be challenging if you’re co-parenting. To help keep the holidays happy, remember to keep one thing in focus: your break-up was about you and your Ex, but co-parenting is all about your kids. By choosing to co-parent,[1] you give your kids some of the benefits of having two parents without the tension of living amid … [Read More...]

Premature and Perfect: One Baby’s Story

You may know your baby’s due date, but no one really knows when he will make his appearance. And if you've ever worried that your child may come too early, Prematurity Awareness Month is a great time to learn from other parents what that experience might be like. At Choices Pregnancy Center, we know several women like you whose babies arrived prematurely and are thriving today. We asked one of … [Read More...]

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