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Mommy Apologizes to Her Child

Words Your Child Needs From You, Part V: “I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me”

Parents make mistakes. Kids are quick to catch them. When you're caught, your next move will powerfully shape your child’s character. Do you know how to apologize for your mistakes? See how you would fare in this scenario-- … [Read More...]

Couple with Heart and Arrow

7 Shades of Love

Valentine’s Day movies should be about true love. But one new release getting lots of press right now portrays exactly the opposite. Another quieter film launch might be more like the real deal. But how can you tell? Want to avoid falling for the fakes? Watch for these 7 shades of true love: True love is patient. It doesn’t make pushy demands, hurry you into half-baked decisions, or rush you … [Read More...]

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