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Mom and baby in pool

Fun in the Sun With Baby

Splashing and giggling—the sounds of summer fun. You know how good being outdoors can be for your child. So how soon can your baby join in? And how can you make sure she is safe? Here are some tips from the folks at Choices Pregnancy Center. Start When Baby’s Ready You know your baby best. Consider these guidelines for determining when she is ready to be introduced to “swimming.” Babies chill … [Read More...]

DPC worried girl with counselor

You Deserve “Choices” for Pregnancy Help

Lots of organizations offer to help pregnant women. Are they all the same? Short answer: No. So let’s be up-front about Choices Pregnancy Center and what we do. We just might be the place for you. We serve pregnant women in a variety of challenging circumstances. What brings you here is your own unique story. You may feel so overwhelmed it’s hard to even think about the future. You … [Read More...]

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