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Miss Right’s Makeover: Becoming Your Best You

We ladies spend a lot of time looking for “Mr. Right.” We’ve already talked about what Mr. Right needs to be like in earlier posts here and here. But we don’t want to miss answering this question: What am I doing to become Miss Right? Step back a moment and look at this the way popular speaker Pam Stenzel suggests: List 10 qualities your Mr. Right must have. List 10 qualities Mr. … [Read More...]

Lives Matter

Not just black lives. Or aging lives. Or unborn lives. All lives matter. Are you appalled by the videos that exposed Planned Parenthood profiting from the killing of unborn children? Concerned about an expanding “Culture of Death” in which euthanasia of the terminally ill, the elderly, or the disabled is being touted as a compassionate medical procedure? Worried about the whispers of … [Read More...]

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