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Nurture: Loving Your Child Through All 5 Senses

How does being nurtured make you feel? Cared for? Loved? Special? Like you matter? And you want your baby to feel the same way, too, right? You want your child to know he is loved, respected, and valued. You want your child to have a happy childhood, one that prepares him to succeed in relationships and in life. In other words, you want to nurture your child. But wanting to and knowing … [Read More...]

Obsession: Is My Relationship Unhealthy?

The first obsessive relationship I ever ran into involved someone near and dear to me. For awhile, she couldn’t even see what was happening. Her desire to be “loved” was so strong--and her sense of her own value so weak--that she was willing to accept the poor substitute her boyfriend offered. Fortunately, she finally realized he was cutting her off from all her other relationships, undermining … [Read More...]

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