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Pretending STDs Don't Exist

The Worst Best-Kept Secret: STDs

According to your favorite TV show, they never happen. No one on your playlist of love songs ever sings about getting one. Most people you know only joke about them. Do they even exist? Oh, yes they do. They're called STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) or STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections)—two names for the same ugly secret. The old, dark secret that people try to keep hidden. The secret … [Read More...]


Words Your Child Needs From You, Part II: “You Can Count on Me”

Have you ever had to rescue your child from an oncoming train? Probably not. But do you know that your child needs to be sure you would? Consider this: Your child’s world is out of her control. To her it can feel like a train wreck waiting to happen. But if Mommy is someone she can count on, she can face all that unpredictability with less fear. Think about the last time someone you … [Read More...]

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