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Are You in Crisis? Help is Just Around the Corner at Choices!

Some movies just make me want to cry. Like the ones in which the leading actress is facing mounting problems: She can’t pay the rent She’s dying for lack of medicine She has chased off the one man who really loved her It looks hopeless. So she walks toward that dark, lonely bridge. She’s going to give up. “Hang on!” I want to shout at her. If only she could see what I see: The … [Read More...]

Keeping Your Baby

“Keeping” Your Baby: What Does That Really Mean?

You can be very proud of yourself for making the life-giving decision to “keep” your baby. Yet that is just the first step. Once your baby is born, you won’t just be “keeping” him, you’ll be raising him. Let’s spend a moment together thinking through what life with your baby will be like. Will it be like babysitting? In a word, no. First of all, you won’t get paid for parenting. And no one … [Read More...]

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