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Dad with boy at beach

Dad Up! Be the Father Your Kids Need

Guys, this blog’s for you. We’re calling you to “Dad up!” That’s “man up” on steroids. You know that you “man up” by being brave and tough when the going gets rough. But you “Dad up” by being brave and tough for the sake of someone else. Someone who depends on you. This fatherhood thing is bigger than other manhood events. It’s not about “the team.” It’s not about the boss and … [Read More...]

Girl Throwing a Tantrum

Triumph Over Tantrums

Watching your child explode into a full-blown tantrum can make you want to throw one yourself. And if you’re out in public, it can be embarrassing. How would you like to learn how to manage those tantrums and minimize the drama? First, here's some good news. “Kids’ tantrums are usually a reaction to good parenting . . . not a sign that mom or dad has done something wrong,” according to Dr. … [Read More...]

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