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Have Fun While Helping Families? Why not?

There’s something deeply satisfying about helping strengthen families in the Redwood Falls community, isn't there? It brings the kind of joy that goes with the holiday season this time of year. It makes us feel like celebrating! Parents are learning to be better moms and dads. Children are feeling comfy and secure when needs for diapers and clothing and cribs are met. Confidence is sparkling in … [Read More...]

5 Powerful Questions That Can Change Your Life

It happens to all of us. We do the same thing today that we did yesterday. And we don’t like how it turns out today any more than we liked it yesterday. Then tomorrow comes, and we do it all over again. Sometimes the “it” we do is how we handle relationships. Sometimes “it” is giving in to an addiction. Sometimes “it” is the way we compromise what matters to us. There can be lots of “its” in … [Read More...]

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