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How to Reconnect with Hope Despite Unexpected Pregnancy

Have you ever lost hold of a kite string? Maybe the wind ripped it from your hand, sending your kite swirling wildly and then plummeting, out of control, toward a crash landing. Disconnected from it, all you could do was watch helplessly as the kite fell. That’s how we feel when we lose hope. Our connection to the future we pictured is broken. Our dreams rush toward the ground. A crash is … [Read More...]

Friends Make all the Difference in a Crisis

Choices Pregnancy Center exists to be the supportive friends that women need when facing a crisis involving pregnancy. We offer that strong shoulder to lean on, that understanding smile of encouragement, and that source of positive solutions when there don’t seem to be any. That’s what we do for the women who come our way. This month, however, we were the ones who needed help. Right in the … [Read More...]

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