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Watch Me Grow: Your Baby’s Development in months 12 to 24

Is your child becoming a toddler? Get ready: it’s going to be an exciting ride! Your baby’s second year of life outside the womb is like a year full of Independence Days—fireworks and all. He is learning to walk confidently, eat finger foods, and express himself in short sentences. This year he’ll also test limits, […]

Watch Me Grow: Your Baby’s Development in Months 7 to 12

Scooting, crawling, standing, walking. . . Watch out world! Here she comes! Your baby will assert her independence in big ways during these second six months of life after birth. By the end of her first year, she will be ready to walk, to climb stairs, and to use new words and gestures to get […]

Watch Me Grow: Your Baby’s Development in Months 4 to 6

If you thought the changes in your child from birth to three months were huge, then get ready to be amazed. Months four through six are even more exciting! By the end of your baby’s first six months, she will be fully engaged with the world. She’ll be prepped to get herself places. She’ll be […]

Watch Me Grow: Your Baby’s Development in Months 1 to 3

In their first three months, babies seem to change before our very eyes. One day they’re tiny, helpless newborns who sleep most of the time. Suddenly they’re holding their heads up and moving their arms and legs with delight. How can you tell if your baby is developing normally?

Unexpected Pregnancy: Hard Time to be Thankful?

Thankfulness may be the last thing on your mind when you encounter an unexpected pregnancy. But gratitude may be exactly what’s needed to help you move through this experience in ways that bring you joy and hope. Don’t believe it’s possible? Read on. Why be Thankful? Research shows that when we’re stressed, gratitude can help […]

Discipline Your Toddler: Training a Gold Medal Grown-Up

Toddlers are like drivers in a snowstorm: they desperately want to know where the lines are. As your toddler’s parent, you can provide the limits she craves. You do this through discipline. After your love, discipline is the most essential gift you can give your child. And you can start your discipline when she’s a […]

Is My Baby Ready for Solid Foods? How to Time it Right

Giving your baby his first solid food is an exciting milestone. Get out the camera, the paper towels, and prepare for a new adventure! Read on to make sure you and your baby are both ready for this. When is my baby ready for solid foods? While breast milk is plenty of nutrition for a […]

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme: 5 Ways to Make It Stop

“Mommy, I want one of those! Now!” “How come I didn’t get what they got? “You mean that’s all the presents?” Whining like this can sure cramp the holiday spirit. Nobody likes to feel like the gifts they give are “not enough” or “not good enough.” Kids who whine about gifts need an attitude shift […]

Babies, Toddlers and Screen Time

Today children can find screens everywhere. On your phone. In the aisles at WalMart. And probably in your living room. How much screen time is good for your child? Clients at Choices Pregnancy Center ask us this question often. So we’ve done a little digging to find out the best answers. Here’s what we’ve learned. […]

Meet the Staff

Carrie Meyers, Executive Director I can use a variety of descriptions to give insight into who I am and what my various roles are: a Christian, a pastor’s wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a gardener, a coffee-lover, etc. However, I am often most identified with my role as a mother to nine amazing […]