Do I need an appointment?
No appointments are necessary. However, if you are able to call ahead, it helps us to make sure someone is available to give you the time and attention you deserve.

Does it cost anything?
All of our services are free.

What about confidentiality?
Our policy is that all client information is kept confidential unless we have your written permission to share information, or in situations where required by Minnesota statute.

What if I can’t come in during your office hours?
If work or school prevents you from coming in during office hours, simply call us at 507-637-2534 to arrange for an appointment that will better fit your schedule.

How long does a pregnancy test take?
The results of the test are available within a few minutes. However, please allow more time for your appointment to complete the necessary paperwork and have time to discuss your concerns and get important information.

Do I have to skip or be late for my period for the pregnancy test to work?
Yes, you must be late or have missed your period to get an accurate test reading. However, you are welcome to come in earlier if you just need someone to talk things through with.

When do you hold the parenting classes?
Parenting classes are one-on-one with a parent educator to meet your individual needs, and are scheduled as you have time. Most people choose to come 2 – 3 times each month (some more, some less). Most classes take 1 to 1 ½ hours.

May I take classes with a friend?
We recommend individual sessions so that you can have lessons that fit your needs exactly. If you and a friend want to come at the same time, we’ll usually schedule you with two different educators, although there may be times when we’ll make exceptions.

How many classes are there?
We have MANY classes to choose from, but it is your choice as to how many and which ones you take. They start with early pregnancy, and cover childbirth and infancy. Many people keep coming even after the baby is born to learn more about each stage of parenting as their child grows.

Can Dads come?
Yes! Men are welcome to discuss pregnancy options, to get helpful information, and to participate in the Earn While You Learn program. We have some information especially for dads, and some that is helpful for both parents.

Do you perform abortions?
We do not perform or refer for abortions. We do provide accurate information about abortion procedures and related risks.

How is your pregnancy test different from over-the-counter tests?
Our pregnancy tests will detect as little as 10 mlU/hCG (unit of measuring human chorionic gonadotropin – the hormone which your body produces during pregnancy), compared to over-the-counter tests which may only detect between 25 and 100 mlU. This means that our tests have more sensitivity and will be more likely to detect a pregnancy earlier.

Am I eligible for the programs at Choices?
YES! You don’t have to be from Redwood County or have a certain income to come here. If you need information or support in a challenging pregnancy or early parenting situation, please contact us.  We will talk to you about what we can offer; if your needs go beyond what we can provide, we will help you find other useful resources too.