Have you decided you don’t want an abortion, but you still aren’t sure if you are ready to be a parent?

Choices adoptionIt is important to fully consider both parenting and adoption so that you can discover which one is right for you and your baby. Take time to gather information and fully weigh your options. This will ensure that you make a decision you will be able to look back on without regret in the years to come.

In making an adoption plan, you choose which agency or attorney to work with, how much openness you’d like to have with the adoptive family, what type of family you’d like to raise your child, and much more. Although the process is challenging, it is full of hope and puts another’s life before your own.

We can help you understand your adoption options by providing referrals and resources. Please note we are independent of adoption agencies. We neither initiate adoptions nor do we have any financial interest with respect to adoptions. Therefore, you can be assured that we are an unbiased source for discussing your options.

Come to Choices Pregnancy Center. We’ll help you:

  • Gather accurate information
  • Consider what kind of future you’d like your child to have
  • Find a licensed agency to answer all of your questions while you are deciding if adoption is right for you and your baby
  • Learn how to have a healthy pregnancy and prepare for childbirth while you make your decision

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