Deciding whether you are ready to be a parent can be difficult. You’re probably full of churning emotions. Other people in your life may have strong opinions about what you should do. You may find yourself changing your mind frequently. In the end, however, YOU are the one who should decide who can do the best job of raising your baby.

ParentingWhen you consider parenting your child, you are sure to have lots of questions:

  • Where can I live?
  • Do I have enough income to support both me and my baby?
  • How will I manage work and day care?
  • Am I emotionally able to handle the stress of 24/7 parenting for the next 18+ years?
  • What rights does the father have?
  • How will parenting affect my ability to meet my life goals like school and career?
  • What should I know in order to be a good parent?

These are valuable questions to ask. It is crucial that you take time to seriously consider what life will be like when you add this new responsibility. You are wise to consider everything and be as prepared as you possibly can.

At Choices, we can help you find answers to all your questions and connect you with helpful resources. Our Earn While You Learn program will help you learn about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and parenting, while earning the things you need to care for your baby. Come in, talk it over, and find out more.


Earn While You Learn is made possible in part by grant funding from the Minnesota Department of Health, through the Positive Alternatives Act.