Earn While You Learn


Earn While You Learn equips parents with education and support while meeting their practical needs.Worried about how you’ll ever afford a new baby?

Worried about how you’ll make all these decisions alone?

Conquer those worries through our Earn While You Learn Program.


When you meet one-on-one with a parenting coach at Choices, you will earn Baby Bucks you can use to “buy” free baby and maternity supplies in our Baby Buck Boutique. Find out more about the types of items we carry here.

There are actually two easy ways to earn those Baby Bucks:

  • At Choices: Every time you come in for your personalized coaching session, you’ll earn Baby Bucks. (See our brochure below for more details.)
  • In the community: Through our connections with agencies in your community, you can earn Baby Bucks for many things you do as a good parent. WIC appointments, pre-natal visits, earning good grades, attending church or Bible studies—all of these (and more) qualify.


Find out how helpful our experienced and caring parenting coaches can be. We want to offer the emotional support you need through this challenging time—and beyond.

Tell us what concerns you. What do you most want to know? We’ll provide private DVD-based lessons to answer your questions. Feel free to ask them all.

And if you just need somebody to talk to, listening is one of the things our compassionate coaches do best.

We believe there’s a great deal of hope for you. We’ll help you find it.

Get the Brochure

For more details on our Earn While You Learn program, download a pdf of our brochure by clicking on the button below.

Earn While You Learn Brochure

You can face parenting with confidence. Earn While You Learn helps make that happen. Call or text us today to get started.


Earn While You Learn is made possible in part by grant funding
from the Minnesota Department of Health, through the Positive Alternatives Act.