How to Support Breastfeeding Mothers You Know

Even though breastfeeding is one of the best things mothers can do for their babies, many moms find it hard to continue doing it. They often give up long before they want to. The reason? They don’t have enough support. This year’s focus for National Breastfeeding Month is “Support Changes Everything”—a theme that resonates with […]

My Siblings Have Birth Defects: An Interview With Marcus Kendall

During National Birth Defects Prevention Month, we may be tempted to think only of the problems that birth defects cause. By doing so, we can overlook the power of a child born with defects to transform a family. At Choices Pregnancy Center we talked with Marcus Kendall, whose parents welcomed children with birth defects like […]

Nurture: A Lifestyle of Love

At your child’s birth, you are handed a tender-hearted infant ready to be shaped by all the experiences to come. She squints up at you in innocent expectancy. And you realize that if she is ever to become a happy, healthy person, it’s up to you. You need to nurture her. Nurturing isn’t a one-time […]

Nurture: Loving Your Child Through All 5 Senses

How does being nurtured make you feel? Cared for? Loved? Special? Like you matter? And you want your baby to feel the same way, too, right? You want your child to know he is loved, respected, and valued. You want your child to have a happy childhood, one that prepares him to succeed in relationships […]

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme: 5 Ways to Make It Stop

“Mommy, I want one of those! Now!” “How come I didn’t get what they got? “You mean that’s all the presents?” Whining like this can sure cramp the holiday spirit. Nobody likes to feel like the gifts they give are “not enough” or “not good enough.” Kids who whine about gifts need an attitude shift […]

Dad Up! Be the Father Your Kids Need

Guys, this blog’s for you. We’re calling you to “Dad up!” That’s “man up” on steroids. You know that you “man up” by being brave and tough when the going gets rough. But you “Dad up” by being brave and tough for the sake of someone else. Someone who depends on you. This fatherhood thing […]

Three Great Reasons to Play Outdoors

It’s spring! Snow is melting. Sunshine is lasting longer. Now’s your chance: take your child outdoors! It’s good for him–and for you–in amazing ways. Look at these three big benefits. Build a healthier body. Outdoors, a child can: build stronger bones and immunity. Sunshine actually helps your child produce more Vitamin D, which helps him […]

New Christmas Memories for Your New Family

Christmas memories . . . What are yours like? Do you think of caroling and decorating the tree? Of building snowmen and going sledding? Of stringing popcorn and baking cookies? Do your memories include pictures that dim the sparkle of the season? Does the Ghost of Christmas Past dredge up memories of too much drinking, […]

Words Your Child Needs From You, Part IV: “I Treasure You”

Buried treasure . . . Treasure chests . . . Argh, me mateys! These be words that spark the imagination! If you’re a parent, you have a treasure in your own living room. No digging required. And you have an opportunity to show this little treasure just how valuable she is to you. Actions can […]

Happy Holidays Can Be Yours

Happy holidays don’t have to be picture-perfect. Even if you’re a single parent, you can make your child’s holidays sparkle without morphing into either Father Christmas or Mother Teresa. Start with thanksgiving. Super-glue your attention to the good things in your life. Be grateful for even little things that go right. Thank people who are […]