Adoption: You Need to Know It’s Not Just Giving Up

For decades people have described adoption with words like “giving your child up” or “putting your child up” for adoption. It’s as if they think a mother who makes an adoption plan is just abandoning her child or displaying him for sale! If you’re a pregnant woman in a difficult situation, don’t let those old-fashioned […]

Pregnant At the Crossroads: What Difference Will Your Choice Make?

At this important intersection, which way will you turn? Once you make that turn, where will that lead you? Will you find yourself on a one-way street, with no way to turn back? Or will you find yourself heading for all the things that matter most to you? If you can’t see around the corner, […]

New Christmas Memories for Your New Family

Christmas memories . . . What are yours like? Do you think of caroling and decorating the tree? Of building snowmen and going sledding? Of stringing popcorn and baking cookies? Do your memories include pictures that dim the sparkle of the season? Does the Ghost of Christmas Past dredge up memories of too much drinking, […]

Words Your Child Needs from You, Part III: “No”

My child entered the world like a little angel: sweet, adorable, and innocent. What a shock it was when I had to start telling him, “No!” “No, don’t bite the breast that feeds you.” “No, you shouldn’t put that thing in your mouth.” “No, don’t lick the electrical outlet.” Frankly, saying “no” gets tiring, doesn’t […]

What Are Daddies Made Of?

Father’s Day was tough when I was a single mom.  A dark, menacing voice kept taunting me, “You’re alone. Your boy has no man around. You know all those statistics on how fatherless kids turn out?  They’re going to happen to your son.” Maybe it was good for me to be reminded: a single mother […]

New Entrance Improves Privacy, Convenience, Flexibility and New Staff to Fill Vital Role

This page was updated on July 17, 2017. When you enter the lower level of the Armory Square, you will notice our new entrance straight ahead, before you turn down the long hall. To better serve clients we have opened a new reception area on the north end of our suite of rooms. Two events […]