Nurture: A Lifestyle of Love

At your child’s birth, you are handed a tender-hearted infant ready to be shaped by all the experiences to come. She squints up at you in innocent expectancy. And you realize that if she is ever to become a happy, healthy person, it’s up to you. You need to nurture her. Nurturing isn’t a one-time […]

Discipline Your Toddler: Training a Gold Medal Grown-Up

Toddlers are like drivers in a snowstorm: they desperately want to know where the lines are. As your toddler’s parent, you can provide the limits she craves. You do this through discipline. After your love, discipline is the most essential gift you can give your child. And you can start your discipline when she’s a […]

Discipline for Infants: Can I Really Train My Baby?

This post is the first in a series on discipline for children in three different stages: Infants from birth to one year, 12-24 months, and pre-schoolers. Holding your newborn in your arms, you can hardly imagine that helpless little person ever needing discipline. Especially if you aren’t exactly sure what discipline is. What Is Discipline, […]

Triumph Over Tantrums

Watching your child explode into a full-blown tantrum can make you want to throw one yourself. And if you’re out in public, it can be embarrassing. How would you like to learn how to manage those tantrums and minimize the drama? First, here’s some good news. “Kids’ tantrums are usually a reaction to good parenting […]

Words Your Child Needs from You, Part III: “No”

My child entered the world like a little angel: sweet, adorable, and innocent. What a shock it was when I had to start telling him, “No!” “No, don’t bite the breast that feeds you.” “No, you shouldn’t put that thing in your mouth.” “No, don’t lick the electrical outlet.” Frankly, saying “no” gets tiring, doesn’t […]

Do This vs Don’t Do That

Can you relate to this parenting fail? My two-year-old son teetered on the peak of the dog house. “Don’t fall!” I yelled. Guess what? He fell. I expected an accident and I talked about an accident. And sure enough, an accident is what I got.  I should have pictured a safe behavior and told my […]

When To Discipline Your Child?

When is it the right time to start disciplining your child?  How do you discipline your child?  Why should you discipline your child?  If you have asked yourself these questions or wondered about discipline, please keep reading and you will get a few tips that can help you raise your child.  Discipline is one of the most important gifts you […]