Your Pregnancy Test: And the Answer Is…

You’re standing alone in the bathroom. The pregnancy test you’ve just started is sitting by the sink. Now you wait . . . What will it show? And more importantly, what will that mean? Here are some questions we often hear from the ladies who come to Choices Pregnancy Center for our free pregnancy test. […]

6 Good Reasons to Support Choices Pregnancy Center

You want to make a difference in the world. You want to do something that’s good, something that’s satisfying. Something that expresses what you value most. You want to see lives saved, communities transformed. But you can’t do everything you’d like to do. So which worthy cause should you support? You don’t need to look […]

You Deserve “Choices” for Pregnancy Help

Lots of organizations offer to help pregnant women. Are they all the same? Short answer: No. So let’s be up-front about Choices Pregnancy Center and what we do. We just might be the place for you. We serve pregnant women in a variety of challenging circumstances. What brings you here is your own unique story. […]

I See Two

When you sit here in my counseling room at Choices, staring at your positive pregnancy test, I know I’m with two people: you and your baby. Two people who have no idea what will happen next. And one of you is scared. I sit across from you, listening as your story pours out. Maybe you […]

I’m Pregnant! Now What?

You are probably thinking…I’ve seen the test results, this is really happening, it is starting to sink in… I. Am. Pregnant. Now, how do I tell my parents or others who are important to me? What will their reaction be? Most young women worry about this step.  We want to share some ideas to help […]