20/20 Vision for Life Fundraising Banquet

Catch an exciting 20/20 Vision for Life! Have you ever wished to see our community better served when it comes to challenging pregnancy situations? Then join us as we roll out our expanded vision to help our neighbors see and savor life in a whole new way. ——- You’ll also hear from someone else who […]

Is Your Vision for Life 20/20?

Is your vision clear? Do you see where your life should be headed? Or is the future murky? Here at Choices Pregnancy Center, while the world has rumbled in turmoil, we’ve been listening to the expressed needs of our neighbors who face tough pregnancy situations. The result? Their questions have sharpened our vision for the […]

20/20 Vision for Life: Seeing the Impossible Happen

“Minnesota Nice” is alive and well in our community. But many of us feel being “nice” isn’t enough. We see hurting families and individuals, and we want to heal the pain and help people find positive solutions in difficult situations. We want to offer compassion to all those struggling people. Sometimes that can seem impossible. […]