Longing for Love: How to Fill Your Heart without Regrets

You were made to be loved. That’s why the longing to be loved is so strong. Yet you have probably heard society’s subtle whispers: “Who would ever want someone like you?” or “You’re not (_fill in the blank_) enough to be loved.” Then puberty hits, and hormones turn your longing for love into something deafening. […]

Nurture: Loving Your Child Through All 5 Senses

How does being nurtured make you feel? Cared for? Loved? Special? Like you matter? And you want your baby to feel the same way, too, right? You want your child to know he is loved, respected, and valued. You want your child to have a happy childhood, one that prepares him to succeed in relationships […]

Discipline Your Toddler: Training a Gold Medal Grown-Up

Toddlers are like drivers in a snowstorm: they desperately want to know where the lines are. As your toddler’s parent, you can provide the limits she craves. You do this through discipline. After your love, discipline is the most essential gift you can give your child. And you can start your discipline when she’s a […]

Bonding: Loved Babies Love Better

  What if you could give your baby a golden key to loving and being loved? While that may sound like the stuff of fairy tales, it’s not as imaginary as you think. You can interact with your baby in a way that helps her grow up more secure, more open, and more loving toward […]

Wrap Your Holidays in Heartstrings

Once the pumpkins roll out of the stores, The Holiday Season floods in. Beware of being drenched in depression by the ads that tell you what you “need” to do or buy. If this is one of your first holidays with a child, we want you to know that you have Choices to help you […]

Words Your Child Needs From You, Part I: “I love you”

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue…” That’s a lot of power—power you have over your child’s life. Frightening, isn’t it? We fear seeing our children wither and shrivel into sad, hard little kernels. So how can we speak the words that cause them to thrive and grow up with security, self-esteem, […]