Pregnant? Yes There is Hope for You

Hope is like a beckoning light on a dark day—it’s what gives us to courage to keep pushing forward against life’s obstacles. But sometimes obstacles—like an unexpected pregnancy—loom so large that they block the light of hope. We grow fearful and discouraged, and we stop pursuing our dreams. We give up. Even though hope is […]

Your Healthy Pregnancy in 5 Important Steps

If having a healthy pregnancy is one of your goals, there are 5 key steps to getting there. I know, there’s a ton of advice online. And a lot of it is good. But it all boils down to these 5 steps. Ready? Here we go. Step 1: Eat and Drink Right What goes into […]

Envision Your New Year: Pregnant with Possibilities

You didn’t expect to be expecting. But here you are, pregnant. An unplanned pregnancy sweeps you up in an avalanche of change. You’re tumbling downhill, hardly aware which way is up, and you’re faced with zillions of decisions. It feels impossible to think about the big picture of your life. Even when you know you […]

Be The Hero of Your Own Story

We all want everything to go right all the time. We’d rather be comfortable than uncomfortable. We’d rather be “friended” on Facebook than “unfriended.” We’d rather stroll down an easy path than stumble along a rocky road. We want life to be a happy beginning, a happy middle and, above all, a happy ending. Heroes […]

Bonding: Loved Babies Love Better

  What if you could give your baby a golden key to loving and being loved? While that may sound like the stuff of fairy tales, it’s not as imaginary as you think. You can interact with your baby in a way that helps her grow up more secure, more open, and more loving toward […]

Back to School: Succeeding While Pregnant or Parenting

Returning to the classroom with a baby on the way—or already here—may seem like a staggering task. And, in a way, it is. But that doesn’t have to stop you. Succeeding in school is one challenge you can face—especially when you know how much help is available. You Carry Your Motivation With You The child […]

The Coach Approach: Helping You Win at Life

Want to win at your own life? At Choices Pregnancy Center, we believe you can. And we’re here to help you score the goals that matter most to you. Facing an unexpected event like pregnancy can rock your confidence. We want to stand with you as you recover your sense of who you are and […]

You Deserve “Choices” for Pregnancy Help

Lots of organizations offer to help pregnant women. Are they all the same? Short answer: No. So let’s be up-front about Choices Pregnancy Center and what we do. We just might be the place for you. We serve pregnant women in a variety of challenging circumstances. What brings you here is your own unique story. […]

Are You My Daughter?

My daughter entered my life late one spring while I was making other plans. Even as I declared that two sons were enough, I was already pregnant with her. Only I didn’t know it. But that didn’t stop her. Her little heart was already beating. About the time my second period went missing, she had […]

I See Two

When you sit here in my counseling room at Choices, staring at your positive pregnancy test, I know I’m with two people: you and your baby. Two people who have no idea what will happen next. And one of you is scared. I sit across from you, listening as your story pours out. Maybe you […]