Why 50-50 Relationships Don’t Last and Won’t Make You Happy

It’s a myth that healthy relationships should be 50-50 partnerships. Does that surprise you? At first glance, the 50-50 idea looks like the best way keep things fair and equitable. It sets up rules for our relationship like, “I will do these two chores and you’ll do those two. Three days a week I get […]

Longing for Love: How to Fill Your Heart without Regrets

You were made to be loved. That’s why the longing to be loved is so strong. Yet you have probably heard society’s subtle whispers: “Who would ever want someone like you?” or “You’re not (_fill in the blank_) enough to be loved.” Then puberty hits, and hormones turn your longing for love into something deafening. […]

Obsession: Is My Relationship Unhealthy?

The first obsessive relationship I ever ran into involved someone near and dear to me. For awhile, she couldn’t even see what was happening. Her desire to be “loved” was so strong–and her sense of her own value so weak–that she was willing to accept the poor substitute her boyfriend offered. Fortunately, she finally realized […]

7 Shades of Love

Valentine’s Day movies should be about true love. But one new release getting lots of press right now portrays exactly the opposite. Another quieter film launch might be more like the real deal. But how can you tell? Want to avoid falling for the fakes? Watch for these 7 shades of true love: True love […]

True Love or Cheap Copy?

Valentine’s Day turns our thoughts to love. Whether or not you are a romantic, it is important to recognize what true love is. Is your relationship based on love, or on something else entirely? Love is….    Focused Outwardly. Love always thinks of the other person and tries to do what’s best for him or her. […]