Triumph Over Tantrums

Watching your child explode into a full-blown tantrum can make you want to throw one yourself. And if you’re out in public, it can be embarrassing. How would you like to learn how to manage those tantrums and minimize the drama? First, here’s some good news. “Kids’ tantrums are usually a reaction to good parenting […]

Words Your Child Needs From You, Part V: “I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me”

Parents make mistakes. Kids are quick to catch them. When you’re caught, your next move will powerfully shape your child’s character. Do you know how to apologize for your mistakes? See how you would fare in this scenario–

Words Your Child Needs From You, Part IV: “I Treasure You”

Buried treasure . . . Treasure chests . . . Argh, me mateys! These be words that spark the imagination! If you’re a parent, you have a treasure in your own living room. No digging required. And you have an opportunity to show this little treasure just how valuable she is to you. Actions can […]

Words Your Child Needs From You, Part I: “I love you”

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue…” That’s a lot of power—power you have over your child’s life. Frightening, isn’t it? We fear seeing our children wither and shrivel into sad, hard little kernels. So how can we speak the words that cause them to thrive and grow up with security, self-esteem, […]